That rogue owl usurps them

Sorry you have clearly got a very difficult time with mega decisions. As already stated -allow yourself time to think prior to making these. Maybe you are cleverer than me but making space and time for yourself when under one roof is nigh impossible. From experience life becomes non existent and iso...
You so have done the right thing for you both. Congratulations!
I'm afraid I just thought isolation of carers not taken into account. Carers groups should be in every locality-not borough or county wide as these preclude those that live on edge of county/borough. Why restrict access on grounds of who you pay rates to. Distance is problem if caree can't be left t...

Time to spend a day at RHS Hampton court show
well no feels or road kill here. Need min wage to survive. Just back from much needed break at home and have he opportunity to see friends but to fund it I have not eaten much and lost a few pounds. Carers allowance does not cut mustard and savings running out. No pension yet!
Another thought not quite fitting in this section but goes with carer's needs to fight powers that be for rights. Reading roll call, subject of lack of respite beds came up. So hard to find, only if room vacant by chance and in my experience the only places where respite can be booked are not the be...