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Freedom of speech is one thing, but this is hate speech and proscribed by law.

Although having said that, I'd never heard of the woman before and remain happily ignorant of her many achievements. Or something like that.
Again, that sounds like a total copout. Moving and handling is rarely stated specifically on contracts, but is a required training for all care staff anyway. Moving and handling to assist someone using a wheelchair in a day service would be a "reasonable adjustment", especially if the building they ...
Dave, I've only just seen this.

Pretty sure that choosing to refuse a service to a wheelchair user without reasonable grounds could be seen as discrimination. Worth a go.
Exactly, Eun!
New to me too.

All sounds a bit "Drac" to me
Hi Eun I'm not sure of the law as it stands in Scotland so Susie's suggestion is probably best. But, as a matter of existing principles that I believe are UK-wide, I'd suggest the following: Personal budgets are calculated on what is not already being done by carers. So your point about what you do ...
Part of your Dad's reaction was fear at what might have happened. He loves you. And he's old enough to know that there are people out there who would behave the way this man did in order to gain an advantage. That's not to say this chap wasn't genuine...just that none of the possibilities for the ou...
Funny how this sort of news gets out after an election.
See you're keeping in practice, Rosemary!
I voted. For my MP, who was returned. I have never voted Tory.