Dorothy, the social worker should have got someone from their welfare rights team to look at your benefits. Also, it would appear they've not carried out a Carers Assessment either. As I don't know where you live, I've no idea what services they have for carers but I strongly recommend you ask your ...
Penny - suggest you follow the same link I suggested to Huegatort.
There's always been controversy over "modern" art, bearing in mind that when Van Gogh was alive, no one would buy his work from him.
Grants like this don't exist in every local authority. For example, Leicestershire does - provided you have a Carers Assessment - while Leicester City doesn't. What every local authority in England does have is the ability to offer carers a Carers Personal Budget for services for themselves. However...
I've got it on a CD somewhere, I think...along with Terry Scott's "My Brother" and of course Mel Blanc's "I tawt I taw a puddy tat"...
Or we could just let the two of you work it out for yourselves. Only you know how you feel...but trust the way you feel.
Assuming there's anything left to lose!
No one can say he hasn't had a great chance to avoid it, David. SM seems to be a decent guy - he certainly has good taste.
I run some relaxation sessions for carers: amazing how relaxed some carers can get in strange surroundings and not especially comfortable chairs - and still get close to nodding off!
That's utterly ridiculous, Eun! What do those numpties think they're doing?