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Carers UK Forum - Search
hi pete the next world cup in Brazil might not have that noise instead we might have the drums and samba which might be abit better than that awful foghorn bees noise coffeex
there is enough filth in the world where ones can discuss taboo topics etc at least keep this site clean coffeex
hi dee you do have your hands full
a big warm
you will get plenty of advice , help and surport I;m sure make some brill freinds along the way
all the best coffeex
Hi Chris a big warm welcome to a brill site I too look after my mom as my dad died to Your dad died recently so she is still grieving for him she still as strong memories of him so she does imagine his still with her Also as he died suddenly she hopes it will not happen to you too so for assurance s...
hi dear I know you mentioned you have looked at some orgs what about mentioning it to your GP / nurse if he knows someone reliable etc or here a site that you can look at and ask them what are the things to look for if you wont to hire a weekend carer etc/ Lyme NHS Clinical Services General informat...
Hi dear have you thought about advertising in your local newspaper for a carer and mention what you are looking for? And have a look at her qualifications etc where do u live? Coffeex
Hi dear I have epilepsy and I care for my mom I suggest you get in touch with epilepsy Action they will advise and give you info and benefits you are entilled too etc Epilepsy Helpline UK free phone 0808 800 5050 International +44 113 210 8850 Email: helpline@epilepsy.org.uk Txt msg: 07797 805 390 i...
hi dear mother in law died in hospital so sorry I have no experiance of respite care etc but I know certain places ask if you have certain customs they should consider also what foods etc sorry I ca't be of much help take care coffeex
I did look after my mother in law for a short time before she died and she was Asian but mainly I look after my mom now sorry I am not asian but I expect there are some out there who are Asian also there is a web site you could look at www.asiancare.co.uk coffeex
<t>hi dear <br/> I have not had experiance like you mentioned but when I was a carers task group member it was mentioned that PALS or PCT could help in these matters <br/> get in touch with PALS( Patient Liaison Committee) at your local hospital or PCT(primary care trust) and tell them your concerns...