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Hi dear we all understand not always is it possible to come onto the forum all the time so as mentioned come when you are able to and a big warm welcome coffeex
<t>Hi my dear a big warm welcome <br/> Its must be heart breaking for you but knowing there is support for you like this site where you find carers who understand and will always ready to listern is a blessing<br/> When things are low think of the good days and reflect how you are helping your hubby...
hi yes we are all grateful to Jehovah god who gives us inner peace and comfort as 2 cor 1:3-5 says coffeex Image
hi dear a big warm welcome
Iam glad you are back It must be so devasting at times to be on your own but you have made a good choice coming back .you will soon gain many good and helpful freinds with so much good and sound advice x Image coffee
Hi I care for mom who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis But due to other illness not always on the site but dear if you need support as regarding this issue I enclose further info please get in touch with Rheumatoid Arthritis | arthritiscare.org.uk www.arthritiscare.org.uk Read about rheumatoid arth...
<t>hi mark how is the wife I hope improving? <br/> My mom was put on flurosomide 500 mg ( water tablets) for her fluid retention for 2 weeks and they have certainly helped but its left her badley brused and sore she is now down to her usual dose but if she still has fluid retention mention flurosomi...
hi mark I am sorry to hear you and the wife had it rough lately I do hope the future will be brighter for you both try to reasusse your wife despite the pain and blood tests not always does it mean things are bad or worse and worring about results will not make things better but worse here is someth...
It is true the power of love can move mountains or in this case life.
Just a speck of life and leave it to love, which God gave us and miracles do happen, thanks rosemary for highlighting that article
hi dear a big warm welcome
hi dear I have not much time to fill in surveys but sometimes it seems a waste of time they say one thing and mean another not many seen to come through my door maybe its cause in the past I returned them to sender coffeex