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No, neither of those has been conducted.... pip assessment was done at home this year and a oh visit last year which was of no help at all.
I have less than a year until I retire but currently off work with a back condition and have been for 3 months. Work are currently trying to provide light duties but my wife's condition has deteriorated dramatically and I just think it's impossible for me to return to work. This is a stressful situa...
That's really useful information.... I'm in the process of sorting my pension in order to access drawdown next year... I assumed I wouldn't be able to claim carers allowance as I don't presently due to my income
Thanks Chris
It's always reassuring to know I'm not alone... the supporting on this site is invaluable !
We've had health visitors and OH people plus a recent PIP interview at home and it's more than obvious I have to lift my wife for a multitude of reasons, most commented I shouldn't be lifting but offered no alternative. It just breeds frustration and anger with the whole system.... I really do despa...
My wife can definitely no longer weight bear so transferring to a chair, loo, stair lift,shower seat is totally reliant on me lifting her into position. GPs are aware of me lifting and tell me not to but offer no help or support... It's exhausting and I'm just about holding down a full time job but ...
Thanks Susieq
My wife struggles to transfer and we have purchased many aids to make life easier... she is fiercely independent but is really struggling. I'm seeing my GP tomorrow for an unrelated issue but I'll mention it.
My wife has secondary progressive MS and is really suffering with the weather at the moment due to the heat. She cannot get to the loo independently and I'm having to lift her on and off from her wheelchair.. I'm nearing retirement and cannot do this much longer as I'm suffering with a slipped disc ...
I bought a powered armchair last year which has been a great help but not been offered a hoist ? It seems self funding is the only way to get things done in this area.
So frustrating on top of dealing with the disability itself !