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<t>Scally i live down in Essex. Last year i went to York for a wedding. I stayed in a b and b in the city last October. I noticed the difference in attitudes straight away. It was a totally different atmosphere. I would love to go back there to stay for a long weekend and sightsee but its not possib...
I know what you mean Simon. I dont know why they dont just drape the tinsel over the Halloween pumpkins and be done with it.
Oops sorry Scally yes i see what you mean now.
Scally my husband and i are not goatherds and i think i am better placed to know about his health than you are.
Scally i believe the reason that a lot of carers dont donate is not through unwillingness but because they simply cant afford too. Blimey ive only been missing from this site a few weeks. For a while there i thought this was MSE.
Thanks for your replies everyone. Sorry that i havent been on here for a while. i have been posting on another site.
So sorry to hear this Pixie. Get well soon Amy hun. And i hope you get some sleep soon Pixie xx
Thats fab news about Amy Pixie. And 3 little ginger toms oooh gorgeous I have a ten year old female tabby who is completely nuts but we adore her.
<t>Update. The OT phoned today. Apparently the housing association are saying that we cant have a ramp put in by them and apparently quoted to the OT that we are lucky that they let us store hubbys mobility scooter under the stairs and yes they used the old fire hazard excuse again.<br/> This sounds...
<t>I am so sorry to hear this Little Lamb. Have you thought of taking it as a story to your local paper. This "hospital" should be named and shamed. Selfish ba***rds. Self first self last and self in between.(Hope you realise that i mean the hospital not you.) Hugs from me. Sorry i cant be much help...