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<t>I just looked at the article through the link and i was right. He has recieved a lot more supportive comments than the woman did in the article "Am i right to cheat on my disabled husband" And any unsupportive nasty or santimonious comments have been red arrowed which was NOT the case for the fem...
<t>Yes good luck to him. He deserves some happiness. My husband hasnt touched me for 15 years.<br/> He has been ill for five and a half years but has never been the affectionate type. After seven years of imposed celibacy i had a long term affair. Its not just sex. My husband doesnt even hug me whic...
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Took part in a discussion on this thread. Ive linked it here just because i wondered what other carers opinions on this would be.
<t>Parsifal and Rosemary the reason i didnt watch this bull**** was because<br/> a Ive been watching Hidden.<br/> b.I knew it would be biased propaganda.<br/> Bet John Humphries didnt mention Child Benefit which he must have claimed for his kids.<br/> And yet the middle classes were shouting the lou...
George what hope can we possibly have when comments like the one you just made are posted.

Too many people think "IM alright Jack cos im over 60 so they wouldnt dare do it to me.
Ever heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for"
Penny thats a lovely post. Brought tears to my eyes xx
I was shocked to discover over the weekend that if (God forbid) my husbands illness does end up killing him i actually dont qualify for any Bereavement Allowance. It says you have to be 45 or over. Surely this is age discrimination.
I do hope someone puts all this across to Maria Miller and her ilk at the Carers Summit. I watched it on the internet last year. Will i be able to this year?
<t>Hi Lazydaisy my husband is 61 but we are not in Wales. I think this is a disgusting and inhumane way to treat an ill person. And yet they expect the carer to run around rearanging their and their carees lives on their bloody whim.<br/> <br/> Isnt it funny how these letters always seem to arrive o...
I found this on MSE and thought it would benefit this former carer to link it in here.
Absolutely disgusting treatment and it sounds like it could be the new Work Programme to me.

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