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Glad to hear that Scally. You can help out with my husband then when/if they put me on workfare AGAIN because i certainly WONT be doing workFARE AND caring!
Scally surely we should be concentrating on bringing those living standards in Africa UP instead of bringing ours DOWN to what they have to put up with.
Im glad your son got what he is rightfully entitled to Eun.
Well someone from the DWP phoned me this afternoon. And they say they are sending the medical form out to me soon.
<t>Well after receiving a letter notifying me of the change from IB to ESA i went to the AgeUK site and have found that from October 2013 there will be changes to Pension Credit coming in. If you have a partner who is under 60 you will no longer be able to claim it from that date. The person under 6...
<t>Oh joy of joys. I recieved my letter yesterday for migration to ESA from IB. It says they will telephone me soon to talk about this. I have recieved no medical questionaire yet. Does anyone know how long it takes between recieving this initial letter and being sent for a medical?<br/> Also my hus...
I think the male carer in this storyline has been getting a lot of sympathy which is fine but if the genders were reversed and it was the man with Alzheimers and the wife who was the carer and having the affair i can just imagine the outcry.
Its people on Jobseekers Allowance who are desperately applying for jobs who are going to be hit hard by this. Not all jobs can be applied for via the internet and many people on Jobseekers cant afford the internet either.
Article in guardian this week. fourth paragragh down. I remember discussing this on a thread on here some time ago and i said this would happen.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/ ... NTCMP=SRCH
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the carers and their carees from me and my hubby.xxxx
<t>Beck it wasnt the housing association that was going to have to pay and they still refused.<br/> Having already got prior permission to store the scooter im trying not to worry about it too much though its not easy.<br/> I have made a decision though. i will not be a carer again for anyone else b...