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Lovely, thank you Rosemary x
What's black and white and red all over

A sunburnt penguin

PS Just gone through four pages of jokes so hope not a repeat, can think of worse ways to start off the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now being nagged as supposed to cutting hedges.


Do you have anyone to talk to, can you tell the forum anything so we can help? Feeling like you need someone or something.
Helped my daughter buy a new car, done on impulse but they had exactly the one she wants and she picks up this Sat.


Hi Tracie
Sending a hug hang in there hon xx
Hi Rob
Welcome this is a great forum, lots of advice and wise people. Image
Hi everyone
We have 3 chickens, very friendly and time wasters as you can't help watching them. Love all the pics have some but no idea how to upload them. Image
Hello You are having a tough time, glad you are having your own counselling, must be hard living with your Mum again, love my Mum to bits but would find it nigh on impossible to share a kitchen etc. Hope you are both able to find somewhere soon of your own, maybe part of only getting 50 words a day ...
Hi I am new to the forum, well a couple of weeks, I keep coming on and reading lots of brill advice in lots of subjects. My username is because we got chickens last year which are so friendly they sit on my daughter's lap, she has Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user, gorgeous and always smiles, ne...
Wow. The reactions of passers by is worth a look. I once saw a fashion show in a shopping centre where all the participants were disabled they had the biggest smiles, but some of the audience were not kind.