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<t>Underneath the box where you type in your post there are 3 tabs, click on the Upload attachment tab.<br/> <br/> You can add photos that are stored on your computer by clicking on Browse and looking through the files on your computer. Once you have chosen the photo you would like to post click on ...
The big cuts event Mencap is holding a series of roadshow events across the country to tell people about the cuts happening in their area, and to look at ways to work together to fight them. The events will take place from January to March 2011. Professor Luke Clements, a leading lawyer and expert i...
Hi Debra The earnings limit for Carer's Allowance is £100 per week. So you cannot earn more than that and still be paid Carer's Allowance. Check the info pages on our website for more details: http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... sAllowance You can always give our Advice line a call if you n...
Hi barrowgirl

As this is your first post I've moved it here where more people are likely to see it.

Hi Alvaro

This forum is actually for carers not 'care workers'. Carers look after their family members, partners, friends etc - they do so unpaid.

You might like to try this site instead: http://www.socialcarecareers.co.uk/

Best wishes

<t>Hi angie<br/> <br/> Was the meeting that you had with social services an actual carer's assessment? If not you need to ask for one. Social services will assess if your ability to sustain your current caring role is at risk. The council must provide services if a critical risk is identified, ie if...
Hi angie

Best thing to do is give our adviceline a call - they should be able to help you. Freephone 0808 808 7777 (Weds/Thurs 10-12 and 2-4).


Hi Joanne

Just noticed that you haven't had any replies so I've moved your post to the 'new members' section where people will be more likely to see it.


Hi angie I have no idea what to suggest really but I didn't want your post to go unanswered. Hopefully some other members will be along this morning with some advice for you. If you're concerned you could always give our Adviceline a call on 0808 808 7777 (Weds & Thurs 10-12 & 2-4) or email adviceli...
Over 3,500 carers signed our letter to the PM to tell him 'It's time to support carers'. And today, to coincide with Carers Week, a delegation of carers - including our very own susieq! - has today delivered that letter to Number Ten.

Full story and photo here.