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Carers UK Forum - Search
Hi Colin,

Did you try the highways department of your local council?

Also,try enlist the help of your councillor or MP.

Like Christine said though,ring the Carers helpline,they may have more information.

Good luck
Hi Paula,

I dont know if the following link may be of use to you for your mam.Half way down the page is a few numbers for taped news and magazines for parts of Yorkshire. ... cd=2&gl=uk

Hope you are both well,
x x x
Morning Mary,

I have been looking to see if anything else around to offer you some specific help and found the following.... ... cd=1&gl=uk

We can still support you here but that forum relates to multiple myeloma.

Let us know if any help.
Hi Daisy, I am sorry to hear of the battle you are going through regarding your sons needs.You said he was originally assessed to have them, so what has changed if anything,why have SS changed their minds. Has the Ombudsman gave you an out in such that if you did get a carers assessment that you wou...
<t>Morning Mary,<br/> <br/> Just a quick line to welcome you to the forum where I am sure you will get support to help you.Its nice to know that you have been reading for a while and took the "plunge" to join us.<br/> This new forum will hopefully attract many more carers like yourself.<br/> <br/> Y...
<t>HI Evilarty,<br/> <br/> Welcome to forum.<br/> <br/> CarersLine 0808 808 7777<br/> <br/> CarersLine is Carers UK's free advice line for carers. It is open on Wednesday and Thursday each week between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. Telephone 0808 808 7777<br/> <br/> Hopefully someone here will be able to h...
Hi Lola,

For me the answer is simple,I got my strength from my mam when she was here and even now her "teachings" stay with me.

x x