<t>S O M E T I M E S <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Sometimes... <br/> When you cry... <br/> No one sees your tears. <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Sometimes... <br/> When you are in pain... <br/> No one sees your hurt. <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Sometimes... <br/> When you are worried.. <br/> No one sees your stres...
Hi Lola,

Sorry if my posting was misleading....I knew the title to the song ( I prefer the version by Wet Wet Wet Image ).I was asking you all to forget/ignore the rest of the song and concentrate on the verse but thanks a lot.

Hope you are well
Paula said Mum's fine, she's just listening to Tony Christie Better get the kettle on Paula....your mam is going to be knackered when she gets back from Amarillo...... http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lo...
Hi Paula..

We all get the same Paula...apart from one or 2 slight differences yours and mine could be same reply.

I especially love this bit ......

signed electronically in his absence) .

Hope you and mam are well.
x x x
Hi everyone...

Hope you are all well.
Forget the rest of the song but this verse so true about us all on here.

Oh, Ill get by with a little help from my friends
Oh, Ill get high with a little help from my friends
Oh, Ill get by with a little help from my friends, my friends

Hi Catwhit,

There is an update from Marie.....


Hope you are well
Psssssssssttttttttttttttt everyone,just been peeping through Maries sitting room window and shes fast asleeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppp..... http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_wink.gif http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif Seriously though,well done Marie for seeing this to the end.Its been a...
Hi Sandra, Plain to see you have had your work cut out for you.Your daughter so lucky to have you as her mam.Typed words will no way convey everything you have been through as a family but you have my admiration and respect to have coped as long. I have no idea if any other members will have experie...
Hi again Molly, This just to let you know a quicker way to find any previous postings you make in the future,rather than go hunting for them.If you click on your own profile.........under the part where it says how many posts you have made, there is another line.......find all posts made by then you...
<t>Hi again Jon,<br/> <br/> Although I never accessed it,social services did offer me an advocacy service from an outside organisation,people who had no involvement in our circumstances.They were to act as a go between and also to find out my brothers wishes.Whilst I believe he has his own rights I ...