I don't know if these tweets are available to read to non members. Can you let me know as if not, I can post a few examples later


We see families buckling under the strain of caring, with support whittled away as services close due to budget cuts. And we are prompted to consider what it must be like working in this environment – forced to reconcile a commitment to acting in people’s best interests with options that are patent...
Available on several websites.

I would try your local library 1st.

from Twitter..

#BBCPanorama #CrisisInCare airing on 29th May & 5th June: moving show highlighting the horrific pressures on vulnerable people due to the cuts to #socialcare and why vital reform is needed #Conservative candidates are you watching? It's #TimeToCare!

I have just finished watching the recording of it. I think my eyes filled up within the 1st 30secs. How a person could be so vile, so evil, to any other person but especially those that are vulnerable. Using all their triggers to make challenging behaviour far worse - I don't think there are words t...
I have it recorded to watch tomorrow, but it is trending on twitter and seems like the horror stories continue, like at Winterbourne.


I'm presuming that when you first took up your SO mortgage you were not reliant upon benefits as the main source of your income? We were never on benefits for the original mortgage or the 'new' one we had undertaken. The 1st one had too many conditions attached to it at that time, and we were fortu...
https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/getting-a-mortgage-if-youre-ill-or-disabled Suppose it depends on circumstances, the shared ownership scheme is an option. I have no idea what the situation is like round shared ownership these days but we went this route yrs ago. Was our only optio...
There is enough information and personal experiences on this forum to cover umpteen reports. A member once suggested that 'professionals' were made to read forums like this to show them the reality of what life is for us. Wonder if the opinions among them would differ... in that would they label it ...