Are you sitting...…………………….. scroll down :( … one down - successful outcome :shock: :D One to go Meeting lasted well over 2 hours. It was not just about CHC but a review of hubbys section 117 from when he was discharged from hospital last year to the nursing home. We went through all the criteria an...
I hadn't heard it either.

Whether new to caring or a long term one that overflowing with the t shirts ;) ,- whether positive or negative or a mixture of both... can you post 5-10 separate words to describe caring. For example, Love, rewarding, exhausted, under valued, battles etc.

I find even now that every day is a learning curve. It sounds Steve that just now you are needing a place to express your own feelings and share with others what you are going through. Well you certainly landed at the right place. Each caring role is different but many of the emotions felt by carers...
Hi Steve, Welcome to the forum and for sharing your situation. I am sure there will be others along, like BB, that can offer great advice. Whilst I hope you will remain with us, there are many places for extra support. Have you tried Headway
Hi Flower, So sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope you will continue to stay with us till such time we can try help you access local services. In the meantime, click on this link and scroll down to the drop down box. If you click the area you are from, hopefully some local services close...
Received a letter this morning from Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for the Dept of Health and Social Care, came via my MP. Nothing new, but will post it up when I get back from seeing hubby. Need remove personal details 1st.

To hell and back :roll:

To be honest, I believe that this is more about whom picks the tab up so to speak. Hubby still under section 117, so after care is free. Its between NHS and Social Services as to whom pays. Something Chris and others mention on here many a time. We have had hubbys DNR in place for years now, he made...
bowlingbun wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:47 pm
Good luck with both Rosemary, I know you have been battling on both fronts for far too long.
I think most members, yourself included, can be 'battle weary', and yet we have no choice but to carry on.

x x