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There is someone on the board who I've locked horns with in the past, I strongly object to his/her opinions and the way in which they've been expressed but it didn't deter me from joining the board, in fact I joined as soon as I saw the link posted. We are not children, we're mature adults, adults ...
<t>How can it be for all carers when it is a closed board --only carers who join up will be able to have any say in matters or even to see if they like what is going on enough to want to join up.<br/> <br/> I for one will not join any movement that is being run by people who have often attacked care...
Sorry Krys -but that one name you've given means I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

have you all forgotten how he has attacked carers and you yourself on here??

Are you really so desperate?

The best of luck to you----you'll need it.

Can I ask again please-----who is involved in running it??
Can I ask that at the same time the link is posted a list of the people running the new board is also posted as this will have some bearing on whether I, and a lot more people join it.

Thank you --Ken
Is it really necessary to create yet another board when it is so easy to create a new board within an existing forum?
Well said George--I'm with you all the way.

Cheers- Ken
It just goes to show--they would rather throw money away than give it to carers. They did throw it away because it was a total waste.
If the reason for the boards going quiet is the way it was welcomed by the charities then surely that should be a reason to post.

If we don't tell them were not happy they will go on doing nothing for us for another 40 years.
<t>Annie<br/> <br/> Don't get me wrong here--I wish more than anything that carers will all come together-but I honestly can't see it happening.<br/> <br/> Even if all the boards got together--and I can't really see even that happening because they all have their own little kingdoms-but even if they...