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<t>To answer a few points raised by other posters><br/> <br/> Yes I am all for a protest- A real carer led-united protest.<br/> <br/> My argument is not against a protest, merely stating that there must be something wrong with the way this is going.<br/> Look at the number of members on Carers Voice...
If you mean by " you people" the people who refuse to trust people who have attacked carers, then I put my hand up.

As for helping carers, I am proud of my record on that score, as you would see if you asked around MS circles.
<t>You all know the two people I said would deter people from joining the protest board, I have no intention of being drawn into naming them on here and getting banned for it.<br/> <br/> The real protest should be by real carers not the charities.<br/> <br/> I'd be happy for anybody to run it except...
<t>Hi John<br/> <br/> Exactly my point----the protest was done while the anger/grief was still there.<br/> <br/> I was one of the first in favour of the protest-- but it was taken over by CUK and people who have openly attacked carers on here. I would have worked with the original organisers but not...
<t>Any comments can be used to formulate a positive outcome.<br/> <br/> I have said all along that the protest organisers took in the wrong people/organisations to help. I still stand by that.<br/> <br/> Whether or not that is the reason for the apathy-only 28 joined the protest board so far--I have...
<t>The protest has lost momentum--waiting for the charities to organise it was a big mistake.<br/> <br/> Rome wasn't built in a day, I know, CUK have had 40 years to build------what?<br/> <br/> The anger that was there after the strategy announcement has been given time to subside -and it has.<br/> ...
Surprise surprise---Anne McGuire and Ivan Lewis are in the trough>>>

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... enses.html

And we have to wait 3 to 10 years for any crumbs they may or may not throw our way???
All I have done is express my personal opinion, whether that be seen to be from some pedestal or not. I think that is still allowed.

If I'm proved to be wrong I will gladly apologise.
As Krys had completely ignored the questions from pixie I was merely pointing out that the board had indeed been closed so that later readers did not get the impression that pixie had got it wrong.
Just to put the record straight--the board was closed for a time last night, but quickly opened again after Pixies' post on here.