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I "played" tennis with my son on his Wii a while back - my right arm ached for days!
George, a nurse told me recently that it's easiest to find a vein to take a blood sample if you are well hydrated - so drink as much water as you can before the next attempt.

Hope this tip works for you!
<t>This interesting debate still leaves a question unanswered - why do people have children? I certainly did not reproduce in order to have someone on hand to give up their life to caring for me in my old age.<br/> <br/> Do I have this all wrong? Should my child do what I have done to care for my el...
This may be useful to you gordie:

I tried this route a couple of years ago. The only wheelchairs available via GP were large, heavy, non-folding ones.

So how I was supposed to get her to hospital (25 miles away) for appointments, I don't know. Maybe buy a lorry or push her all the way.
Marie, I think the way that your daughter is involved in her father's care is wonderful . She is paid for the time she cares (through your hard-fought for DPs) and works just 2 nights per week. I think previous postings refer to children (of any age) caring on a much greater timescale and receiving ...
Having cared for an elderly parent fot the last 10 years, I will remove myself from this world if I inflict this on my child. Fighting for rights is just too difficult.
<t>This disturbs me. It seems to read that family members are EXPECTED to care for their elderly relatives.<br/> <br/> I am mid 50s and have cared (out of a sense of duty) for my parent in late 80s for the last 10 years. I am divorced and have a son. <br/> <br/> I did not have a child in the expecta...
Excalibur - could you expand please on the "Common Law Duty of Care"?
A good place to create your website is: