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Hi Simon, I see you posted a couple of days ago. You can still post a query here.
Appeal it, email carers uk and visit your local citizen's advice bureau for help on the appeal process. Resubmit any medical evidence about her current needs, and do not underestimate any risks. Submit evidence on a worst-case-scenario basis, especially if the support she needs is variable.
Thanks Henrietta, just seen your post now. My issue has been ongoing over the past three years, and the same carer making the same error regardless of which other carer she's doubled up with. So I just want them to remove her from our call, so the actual risk she poses (as evidenced by the regularit...
Thanks all for your input, I just finished my response to the official reply. Ive basically dismissed her conclusion as she has not addressed the complaint I made. Ive asked her to relate the facts she has established during her investigation and related the facts that I know. Ive then concluded why...
Hi Samantha, I cant answer all your questions, I think speaking to your local citizen's advice bureau or emailing carers UK (address on main page) would be helpful to you to give you advice specific to your situation. As regards carers benefit if you move out, you are entitled to carers benefit prov...
Hi folks, hoping to get some advice about a care agency issue. We have an ongoing probelm with a carer not ensuring our property is secure when they leave-the front door has been left slightly ajar on several occasions. I tried to manage this inititially by speaking to the carers involved, and after...
didnt read your post properly and made a useless suggestion, sorry
Hi Ann,

Nothing to add to the excellent advice you've already been given, but I'm sure I'll think of something at some point!
Definitely 1, for the reason Henrietta said.
I reread Jayne's post and got the wrong end of the stick, but will leave my post up in case someone else finds it useful.