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<t>Hello there Julie,<br/> I look after my dad since he had a stroke...He is a right misery guts, finds doom in everything. He has always been like it, but worse since he had his stroke...My mum used to call him "The big black cloud"...I am glad I don't have his personality. It can be very wearing, ...
Hello there James,
Another thing to think about regarding insurance costs, It will be quite high for a first timer, have you thought of having a "tracker" put in your car? If you agree to have one fitted, it can significantly bring the cost down. Worth a look into.

<t>Hello there Alan,<br/> I am a carer to my dad who had a stroke 3 years ago, I also work full time. Have you and your wife discussed together about you giving up work? or is it something you feel you need to do?... Do you have a social worker? The hospital should set you up with your local Adult S...
Happy Birthday Phoebe. xxx
Enjoy your Birthday Poppet. Hugs. xxx
Guddo:-) You have offered words of wisdom to me when I first joined last month. You made me take a step back and see things I didn't realise till you pointed things out! Welcome back Jenny. xx
Happy Birthday Minnie, Wishing you a lovely day. xx
Blimey...someone has had 27 cars? Sprinter! Suzie....9? must be doing something wrong. 23 yrs and had 4. lol. x
Are you not sleeping Mr Bodger? How's it going? was thinking about you yesterday. x
<t>What a great subject....<br/> I passed my test in 1991, first car was a ford fiesta pop1 beige thing. YBU 794Y. Had it years. Then I had a red Vauxhall Nova. J524 PPP. Next was a vauxhall Corsa. S640 ACP. The corsa is still going strong. My BF is driving round in it. I gave it to him when my dad ...