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Rosemary! You always make me laugh

Especially liked this: Image

Ony a few things I seem to have noticed have changed most prominantly] I have to agree with you on that point Littlerachet, I think that caring has opened up a lot of emotions that I never knew I had, one of them is being more sensitive, compassionate and empathetic to the sufferings of others, it ...
Definately - I am not the same person that I was - and I attribute this to the life changing expeience of caring, I feel that it has changed me for the better, but I feel that I shouldn't have had to go through this experience to learn the lessons that I have, I don't suffer fools glady now, and as ...
Just in case you missed that infamous scene in blazing saddles first time round ... not for the faint hearted though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6dm9rN6oTs
I was reading these accounts and I was moved by them all, I agree assistance is their inherent right, because what they believe in and what they do is amazing and inspirational
Life is too short to waste effort on people that are not rich and deep enough for your love.
I was re-reading this thread and your words really stood out - Wow! So true & so profound! Image Image
I put this on facebook and got a big response. "You find out who your friends are" ] http://www.facebook.com/carersuk Never has such a quote stirred up such a strong emotion in Carers and the Carer For, I feel angry at so-called family and friends who conveniently disappear at the first sign of a l...
Hmmm he can talk, I'm sure this is a picture of Matt moonlighting in more ways than one Image

Take it from me, some judges (and barristers for that matter) just do not have a clue about the real world. When I was doing some work experience recently, I was shadowing a very experienced senior barrister, the case we were doing involved an alibi that the defendant was shopping in Wilkinsons at ...
Christopher Burke, who lives by himself in Hastings, is an intelligent, amusing, eccentric man, skilful with computers and very interested in music. His head is oddly shaped because he is hydrocephalous. "I look like an Orc," he says sadly. He carries extra change whenever he goes out so that he ca...