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Yes what Ayjay says. Make sure you register at GP surgery as formal carer and ask GP to confirm it.
Hi Dee

I will PM you, check your in box
Getting an SSE one fitted later this month just fo relectric. Hope it goes ok.
Hi Alison Sorry to hear of your situation. You haven't mentioned the word "Dementia" in your description of MIL. If you have not considered this please do research it -google early signs of dementia. It won't solve your problems but it may keep that personal resentment of a loved one at bay. https:/...
I'm campaigning on single issue so hopefully someone else will pick that aspect up
I've taken the chance to push my one woman campaigne of adult children carers under 60 potentially loosing their family home.
Hi Devon Maid I felt the need to reply although I am mostly "retired" from the forum and a former carer. Like BB Devon is my bolt hole as fortunate to be neighbouring along side it. I recognised myself in your thread-totally none maternal and no children through choice. Dad began his legnthy decline...
I realise most people are too busy to have or maintain hobbies and interests but if and when circumstances change do you have a bucket list and what is on yours.?
I help out at a memory cafe and they pick a theme each week like transport or colour and generally chat around it. Sometimes they sing old war time songs or traditional things or old things I don't even know. They serve tea and biscuits and once had a half hearted art session and again half hearted ...
As a last resort if NHS can't help then a private ambulace firm should have the necessary chair to get him down safely.