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Excellent, Sajehar! I was wondering how it went. So now we need photos - of everything. (That includes Stumpy 2's snap-a-leg operation if it happens.)
Well, they're soft and cuddly and cute, and I really, really want one.
<t>I'm not really sure that paint, a vintage ballerina, and me are a good combination, Sajehar. However, I really must say that it is amazing what can be done with about ten minutes of spare time, a paper serviette, Mum's old pinking shears, a piece of string, some card, silver paper, and sticky tap...
Image Love it!
Hmm. I've just dug our old Christmas ballerina out of the Christmas boxes, and she looks a bit tattered. I made her a new dress when I was about 20, and glue, wire, and rubber bands featured heavily. I wonder how one removes hardened rubber bands from a ballerina's wrist. Mum has now become enthused...
Penguins in Norway eat sardines.

Sajehar and Pete the Paint, you're in luck! There are at least three of those ballerinas on eBay UK. Unfortunately they all have two legs, though.

I've been trying to explain to my Chihuahua that thunder is just God dragging dog kennels around. No luck yet.
Just curious, Sajehar. Did your ballerina have a silver ballerina shoe on her one foot? Was she wearing a silver bathing costume type thing, with a white net dress with tinsel? One arm over her head? If so, we had the same thing perched on top of our tree, though ours had two feet. http://www.carers...
Hi Debbie. You really sound swamped. I hope you'll find the advice and help you need.
Hi and welcome.