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Hi Booksey You said in the future. An exercise should be done to check if people have had parents and grandparents in care now and if any of the fees have been paid by the taxpayer the present generation should be billed for the costs and interest added. Any income over £15,000 per anum should be t...
Hi Littlewren, welcome to the forum and to the weird and wonderful world of caring.
<t>Um, just a thought, but I think I might have been a tad annoyed if, during my working life, I had been forced to pay for some ancient debt incurred by a great-great-grandparent I had never even met.<br/> <br/> How would this be enforced should the children live in another country?<br/> <br/> In t...
Vast ebony xylophones echo dismally.

Thanks, Sussex! I've no idea how you found them, and they're in my neck of the woods, too! They look really nice, so I'll phone them tomorrow. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif I have hope now for my bed pad (as yet unrewashed as it's constantly raining here). Things are looking up. http...
Maithly, I'm not sure of your circumstances, but no, it's not at all wrong for you to feel as you do. Caring really can be very draining.

This forum is full of very understanding people. You can talk about things whenever you like. Hugs, Maithly.
Image Yes I exist. I think my PM settings are ok.
Huh, who'd have thought the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards were big fans of Rear Admiral Hopper? Image
I'd say take it. With luck, more will follow. Fantastic news. Image
Wow, nice dress! Looks like you got a real bargain. And remember, white is nothing but a very pale red.