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Sucks.........don't it Image
Forget the timetable! That's what I did and now I just drop things when he wants to do something and pick them up later. Everything still gets done and we have more fun Image
I sign all the ones I see, but I don't always say I did so Image
Then in that case, you should be able to request that smoker care workers "light up" the residents Image
Lovely Lola, thanks for posting it, made me feel better Image
<t>Back on topic...................Cigarettes are a tube of vegetable matter, harmless until lit. Where is the conflict in touching vegetable matter for someone who has trouble doing it for themselves?<br/> Yes, I know it is a filthy habit, but for some it is one of the few things left they can stil...
Hi, Go to
10 Downing Street Website-Home
Then click on Petition the PM
Then click on View Petitions, it's on the left hand side of the page.
Then scroll down to Health and sign.
Hope this helps Image
CAB are great, though in my area they are so busy you have to wait days to see someone http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_cry.gif But they are only advice, you still have to get out there and do it yourself, you still get talked to by sniggering little jobsworths who have no idea, you still get tur...
The priority is to make Blair look like a world statesman.........whatever the cost.
Who told Ivan Lewis we did not want to be classed as a 'workforce'. Considering that someone from the 'workforce' has to come in and do what I do for free, I am definately part of the 'workforce'. Just not paid http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_mad.gif It really angers me that I have to work to pa...