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<t>haven't had time to read all the posts yet but last year our local county council announced changes to all the day care resdential homes respite etc so local groups over the county have been formed to discuss all the plans. The one attched to the Day centre where my son goes has been very useful ...
<t>My son was told he didn't have epilepsey anymore when he used to attend the childrens clinic at the hospital.by a doctor there without any tests or anything as he had been fit free for a while. when we went to see another speciliast about another problem she was disgusted and refered us back to t...
<t>Hi Russ,<br/> My son also has different kinds of fits. sometimes he just has abscences but he has also started to have really frightening ones that start with an awful noise . When he had his last one of these i thought we would have to send for an ambulance it was so bad, he could hardly speak a...
Hi Russ.
I care for my son who is 23. He has epilepsy.
Hello Derby Image

hope you are catching up with your sleep now you deserve it!!
Thanks for all the replies.

Rosemary we live in staffordshire.
Not much time to answer this week as n is off from the Day Centre.
<t>hi Jean,<br/> My son does go to a Day Centre but last week we heard it is going to close in about 18 months. he loves it as well..It looks like everyone is going to be reassessed and we may have to pay for services by direct payment . Don't know much more than that at the moment. <br/> <br/> Char...
I am a carer for my son who is 23. He hs autism, severe learning difficulties and epilepsey.
Thank you Charles and Matt. Image
<t>Has anyone else been affected by this?<br/> <br/> Also I'm looking for information from other carers regarding what respite is available in their area for handicapped adults/children. Cost /how much respite available/home or centre based etc so I can inform other local carers in my area who have ...