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Will take details to my carers group when IIattend the next meeting in january as we were talking about this.

Thanks Lily
Thanks for signing.
It's just so awful isn't it. Think it's going to be shown again next month.

Lily xx
Anyone watch this programme on Sunday night. The condtions the children live in are heartbreaking. Pllease sign up to the petition at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Children-Dying/ Sorry the link to the progranee doesn't seem to be working for some reason but you should be able to find it on the BBC onl...
Sure I read a topic on here about a Day centre who won their fight to stay open. Can anyone help me find it.

Thanks for all the replies.

Remember when my son had his first fit he just fell on the fell down onto the floor and it was so frightening i thought he had dropped down dead. I was shaking but mananged to call for an ambulance. It does leave you very shaken for a while. Since then he has had a lot and I still find it very frigh...
Hi Lynne, Actually it does help as I'm trying to get a balanced view of things for carers in our group. Some are OAP's themselves- one is a lady of 80 still caring for her son- and may need help in the future as well. Our local council is keen to keep people in their own homes so this may be of help...
<t>Just come back from a meeting about the Day Centre which my son attends whilst positive in the sense the want to improve the service seems we are being pushed towards having direct payments for us to pay for the improved service.<br/> I would be interested to find out other carers views on direct...
Russ what a terible thing to say Image
Hi Ange and John nice to meet you Image I care for my son whos handicapped and has autism.

Thats a nice photo.