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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Pixie.....I know it's not easy to describe just how an illness affects a person. I would say that you are a strong person to cope with all that you do ((((hugs))))))
<t>Thanks people for thinking of me - think I've nearly got through the posts. Been to Hunstanton today with the kiddo's and next door's kiddo....plus my grown up kiddo. Great fun, but sooooooooo freeeeeeeezing cold! Windy too. Brrrrr.......<br/> Am back now, watching Grey's Anatomy, so will look in...
coooooo eeeeee.....Just called in to apologise for not calling in a lot lately - it's been Easter and the grandkids are off school - new puppy is a little devil till today when he's ended up at the vet's; turns out he has a sore mouth and can't eat very well - it must be when he tries to come throug...
I can quite understand your feelings, Glenda! Reading your post it could almost have been me who had written it! I have the same sort of problem with my own mother - she is 89 and I think that she is also used to being the centre of attention in her life and expects it now. She only lives across the...
Hello Panda, and welcome! Image
Bless him - I pray that he can deal with this awful news. Sending you hugs xxx
<t>My heart goes out to you. My mother is 89 and although has 'accidents' is still able to cope with them herself. I have to say that I dread the day that I have to deal with it. That sounds very hard of me, but I feel that I can't take that on top of everything else. <br/> You are a very good daugh...
Hello Michelle and welcome! I'm quite sure that you will enjoy your time on the site (I do)...and bless Toby's heart - a hug from me, too, please Image
Welcome, susan - I'm new myself and feel so at home here! I'm sure that you'll get all the support and friendship that you're looking for Image

That sounds like a good thing your father taught you Meg! Image
I agree with what you say about the people in government, Kenneth. Trying to survive these days is like fighting a losing battle!