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<t>Aw, thankyou all for your thoughts xx<br/> Got another text from him last night that he and his girlfriend have parted. I feel so sorry for him. That was something to do with his horrid illness, too. She has a daughter (only three years younger than Luke!) ..but with his paranoia, he thought she ...
Plasters - now there's a thing - where DO they get to? Cut my thumb, knew I had a brand new box of plasters. Where though? Decided to go back to well tried and tested tissue with spit on to make it stick Image
My mind is boggling!
My old teddy bear - it gave me comfort as a child when nobody else would or could; it let me take my anger out on him - punching and throwing across the room.....listened to my worries and problems......slept in my bed over the years.. Then when Bryn was a puppy, he decided to chew his head and all ...
Heck, Summer - that sounds like a hopeless task! http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_eek.gif Afraid I've no answer to it all; just to say that I hear what you're 'saying'.....as for looking after your Step Dad - if you don't want to - don't! Refuse. Pass him over to Adult Care. See what happens........
Hello Brix - welcome to the 'mad' house! lol....hope that you enjoy visiting us all here and get support and advice to help you.
I come from Tunbridge Wells originally, so it's good to see someone from that part of the country! Image
<t>........most of you know that Luke, my son, suffers with schizophrenia and is at the moment doing ok and has been for around six months now. Just lately though, he's been a bit down - not sure why...but I received a text from him last night. <br/> It was 'I have a feeling I'm going to die soon'.....
Thanks for the help, I'm hoping that I've helped her sort it now! Image
lololol.........answer in post, Meg. That was a good idea, Susie, it's just that F11 gives you a full window which is excellent to give you more viewing space for the page you're looking at Image
Thankyou for sharing this subject, Normms; I will think more about it, and see if it will help my Mum....xx
All best wishes for the New Year and I'm looking forward to reading more from you x