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Not sure if this has been posted before but had a visit from them this morning. They are to run workshops and sessions for carers in the coming months for help with and coping with caring. Anyway, this is the website. http://www.caringwithconfidence.net/ I'm going to a session on 18th May in Skipton...
Thanks Gerry, Im going to study the links posted a bit more, Im sure I will be able to find something from them.
Thanks again for your kindness.


Here's another one for you then.

No Gerry, just that family have joined and I dont want them to know who I am when I post needing support. x Just been reading your other posts about a holiday and I'm not surprised you don't want your other family members to know who you are. I know what you mean about other family members not want...
Had to leave the forum recently and then rejoin, cant post much due to confidentiallity issues.
Thank you for your support.
Don't tell me. If you told me you'd have to kill me.

Is this the MI5.carersuk.org now?
Sleeping, probably, hopefully.

Have a days respite. Yippee!!
<t>Begs the question...<br/> <br/> What would be the scenario if you weren't a qualified nurse? Who, where and when would administer the IV's? I can understand that you feel that you administering his medication he is receiving the best care and I agree with that but in reality you are only doing wh...
<t>We use ours for a motability vehicle.<br/> <br/> On our second one so far. Our last was a Vauxhall Zafira and currently we have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. The reason for the big cars is we have 6 in our family and anything less would be impractical.<br/> <br/> Some say that it is a bit of a ripo...
<t>Just received my carers allowance and as I work out everything monthly the following figures mean more to me.<br/> <br/> I only get carers allowance, not entitled to anything else.<br/> <br/> Used to be £202.20<br/> Now £207.30<br/> £5.10 increase a month. Less than a packet of fags. Oh ...
Nice one.

Don't spend it all at once now. Image
It is possible to have ADHD and AS. One of my twins has both these diagnoses.
The autistic spectrum is so wide ranging, anything is possible.