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Hi Myrtle,
Your poem made me think that instead of moaning about the problems I think I have I should be grateful for the one's I don't.
Thanks Myrtle for sharing such heartfelt feelings with us.
Take Care
Love Kaydee xx
<t>Hello Sheila<br/> I have to agree with Ken and Charles, it does seem strange that when your sister's phychiatrist (sp!) complained the files were taken for auditing. Do you have a scanner or access to a copier because it might be worthwhile in future to keep your own copy, might not help prove an...
Hi John
I got this link on google for ecards to a grandaughter
There was loads of different verses there,
Take care
Love Kaydee xx
<t>Hi Milliebell<br/> Welcome to the forum....please don't think of yourself as being selfish, I remember my step gran (many years ago) being very much like your gran and I know how hard it was to visit her and I wasn't having to care for her or anything. <br/> I also see where your comng from when ...
<t>Hi Amy<br/> I like your ideas and they are techniques I use at school if the pupils are getting themselves upset and I know that rather than shouting at them and inflaming the situation being calm or using a bit of humour can often difuse any confrontation, however that said thanks for reminding ...
<t>Hello Avril<br/> Glad you've found the forum and joined us!<br/> <br/> I know at times there are things my Mum could sort of do for herself but I have to judge when to let her and I'm afraid to say it generally comes down to time. If I am in a rush I tend to jump in and undo all her buttons for e...
<t>hello catwit<br/> I haven't arranged power of attorney for my mum although we have always had a third party mandate with her bank as my parents used to live abroad and it was the easiest way to pay bills etc....anyway when my mum moved in with us and we were moving my lawyer came to the house and...
I have never had a carer's assessment either....at least not that I'm aware of. What does it entail and who does it?
I'd be grateful for any advice also.

Love your Donny picture Debby...nice to meet a fellow fan!

Love Kaydee