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just a thought, is your father claiming attendance allowance which can be used to pay for the cares that come in the mornings.
<t>All i was asking Gavin was advice on the subject of using self employed carers. i never intended to do anything that was illigal. the reason for asking for advice was so i staid within the law.<br/> Its a whole new world for us carers employing people on behalf of our careers, and we need all the...
i have been doing a bit of research today Image and it seems that because we want the carers to work regular hours rather than on a 'as and when needed' basis, it is not legal for them to be self employed.
can anybody tell me if its legal to employ carers (or pesonal assistants) giving them regular hours, but on a self employed basis.
This would make life so much easier for us. Would be grateful for any advice.
Well, its reveiw day for us tomorrow. i am very anxious about it of course. and i feel cross that i should be made to feel anxious. but we have such a good set up going, any drop in income from the council could send all of it off course and we would be back where we started. especially with the eve...
i was amazed at the website.

what a wonderful kind family you are to take care of the poor animals, and very brave to do that all in another country.

well done and good luck for the future.
<t>has anybody any information or ideas how we can campaign to stop the withdrawal of ILF funding.<br/> <br/> if this happens to my daughter, her independant living would colapse as i am sure the council would not make up for the lost funding.<br/> <br/> it makes a mokery of the government statement...
hi how did the meeting go. do fill us in and keep us updated on your mums situation.

thinking of you. x
<t>i am sorry vicky, but i did find that funny.<br/> <br/> i do order my groceries on line from time to time and its fine. i think its a matter of practise makes perfect.<br/> <br/> two things that to me will be on the top of my list to have as i get older are, a downstairs loo and a computer to ord...
i have been having this problem Image

however, would the plastic bags inside the wellies make feet sweat a bit.