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help put in place before mum came out. all she would agree to is somebody to come in the mornings to help wash/shower and dress. had it one day and now refusing it anymore. s.w. is advising let her get on with it then.
how wonderful was that. brought me out in goosebumps.
pam x
<t>just to keep you up to date.<br/> <br/> i went to the hospital today to see mum and they told me that an assessment had been done and mum did not reach the criteria for a care support package.<br/> <br/> i said i could not understand that. the nurse on duty put me in touch with s.w. who had done ...
thank you rosemary. that was much appreciated. xx
<t>thank you all so much for your advice.<br/> <br/> they say they are going to do an assessment on her today, so i will be sitting by the telephone.<br/> <br/> it was awful when i visited her yesterday. she has developed an urine infection so was completely confused. she did recognise me, but apart...
<t>hi<br/> <br/> my 96 year old mother fell and broke her wrist on friday. she has a plaster caste from her elbow to the tips of her fingers.<br/> <br/> i have just had a phone call from the OT at the hospital and she says she thinks mum can manage on her own.<br/> when i shared my concerns about he...
my husband tends to call all ladies, 'luv'. I evan heard a 'my luv' once, and he was not talking to me. makes me cringe, but he will not change. he says he has always done it!! having said that i am not aware of anyone getting upset about it, although i bet they do inside.
<t>we have set up our severely disabled daughter in an apartment with another disabled lady. to fund this they receive direct payments and independant living fund. they rent the apartment and each have 24/7 care from personal assistants. They receive housing benefit which pays their rent. They still...
thank you Matt. very usefull.