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sounds as though it may be the way to go kev, and Carers UK. looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it CUK.

<t>i like the sound of where your thoughts are going kev.<br/> <br/> have i got it right. a carers caponant to middle or higher DLA /AA paid direct to carer, no matter what other benefit the carer receives. i.e. retirement pension, income support.<br/> <br/> sounds worth considerable consideration C...
<t>as a parent of somebody who attends a day centre that has, in my opinion, only the minimal number of staff needed, all i can say is we need people who will support our sons and daughters in these situations.<br/> <br/> i personally, have in the past continually asked for more staff to be able to ...
i've printed it out and its now on my fridge door, for everybody to see!!
hi meg

thats interesting to read. in england we are always being told that care issues are so much better and free in scotland.

its a wonder that we have not all moved to scotland to join you.

lesley, i am so sorry to hear your news. you are in my thoughts and prayers. pam x
if, as you say, carers allowance is not a benefit, how come the overlapping benefit rule?
good thinking Rosmary. i think we should do all we can to support this lady, and your ideas are great.
i wish you luck with your research, and i will try to do some myself.
<t>Yesterday I bought a copy of 'Yours' magazine.<br/> <br/> on page 128-129 is an article about a lady Sue Ajax-Lewis that has launched a case against the Government in the European Court of Human Rights.<br/> <br/> 'Sue's complaint is that Carer's Allowance discriminates against carers as it is th...
<t>i do think that this is different from education and NHS cotula.<br/> <br/> quite honestly, 'if money were thrown in our direction' it would make our lives as carers so much more bearable and we would feel valued. plus, i think we could go on caring for longer, because we could afford to pay for ...