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No i am sure it does not matter if you are not of the generation that reads saga magazine. they just asked for carers to write in. i am not old enough anyway.(and i tell lies Image )
In this months saga magazine they are asking carers to send in questions for them to put forward to Ivan Lewis when they interview him shortly. i think it will be worthwhile if as many carers as possible send in their questions. they have to be in by 20th September. email address: editor@saga.co.uk ...
thank you rosemary. great to read some good news.
we were able to use a respite service for our daughter when she was younger, and it was a life saver, what with having two other children as well.

pam x
hello robert

i do hope that you enjoy being a member of this forum.

yes, i agree with rosemary, sounds like you could be as useful to us, as i hope we are to you.

<t>oh jane, i do not think you should be ashamed, i think in fact that you should be very proud of yourself for telling us your story. i was very moved when i read it, in fact i was overwhelmed with admiration for you.<br/> <br/> we all come on here with our stories to tell, and in fact support one ...
oh dear, its critical only for us (bexley)

pam Image
yes, may i welcome you to sue. you have my deepest respect for what you have achieved and are still doing.

pam xx
thank you for pointing that out Matt - i missed that.

i have just emailed mr.duncan smith and asked him if he is going to include retired carers in his proposals.

<t>we sure are doing more for Britian than two singles living together.<br/> <br/> what is the matter with these politicians. if only they could spend some time in carers shoes, they would realise that they should be paying US a lot more than an extra £20. do they not realise that the country wou...
good letter tony and one that needed writing i think. i know its a bit late, but the ladies name at the head of this organisation if you should need to write again is:- Dame Denise Platt. very approachable lady i am given to understand.