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<t>Welcome LynnKelly-regarding any benefits personally I would seek the advice of an organisation like the CAB-this is useful as they are independent and can help you in any appeals etc.Experience has led me to believe that the vast majority of social workers do not know anything about benefits and ...
To give him his due he did at least reply and take note and I will take great pleasure in the fact that a correspondent from a broadsheet cannot spell the word receive.
<t>My original e-Mail<br/> <br/> With regard to the above article although the ONS categorises "unpaid carers" as economic inactive for your information,whether by intent or ignorance which you choose to gloss over ,the fact is that Carers (capitalised due to their importance) in fact save many mill...
<t>I have e-mailed the journalist -but I know the "innocent" cry goes up -take it up with the ONS we are only reporting the facts etc. Everybody knows,not least the journalists,it is the way they lump everybody together in the reporting without any distinction between the very different groups which...
sorry W.H.Y.S.g?
W.H.Y.T.S.g? (What Have You Started g.herschel)
If I may interject-In My Humble Opinion
Robina 1986
I have completed the questionnaire to the best of my ability Could not see East Midlands as an option to where I live but put Yorkshire instead
<t>re Express article-more fascistic propaganda by the true scum-unthinking journalists who make a negative contribution to Society spouting piffle from a publication owned by a peddlar of pornography.Many of us are ill,disabled or look after people or a combination of all these and are classed as l...