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Welcome from me too Stella!

Really pleased to have you onboard!

I hope that you will find the forum helpful and supportive. Look forward to you posts.

Take care
Maryann x
Hello Markie

Just replied to you on general topic

M x
<t>Hello Markie<br/> <br/> I did have something like that with Mum a few years ago and it haunted me for alongtime after that.<br/> <br/> I do hope that your wife doesn't go like that again, my Mum never has -touch wood!!<br/> <br/> It is very scarey and makes everything flash infront of you. Lets h...
<t>Hello Mark<br/> <br/> Welcome to the forum!<br/> <br/> I very much enjoyed reading your first post as it really gives a brief insight and I also sometimes think that its a release for yourself getting it all out! You certainly come across as a loving caring husband and your wife sounds really rem...
Hello Wendy and welcome to the forum!

I do hope that you found the link that Gavin give you helpful before your meeting today. Keep us updated on what the outcome was.

Take care
Maryann x
<t>I have not been online all weekend and was really shocked to read this thread today. Knowing myself how difficult it is to give a speech to such a large audience, I'm so annoyed that you can make another Carer feel that what she has done has not been worthwhile given the amount of time that goes ...
<t>Welcome to the forum Mima!<br/> <br/> Unfortunately there seems to be in alot of families no matter how big or small, one person left to care alone, you shouldn't feel bad for asking for help, you have alot on with your children and working how on earth do they expect you to cope juggling so many...
<t>Welcome to the forum Talia!<br/> <br/> I was 21 when I started caring for my Mum and raising my 2 younger sisters and felt totally on my own. I remember I had all these plans to travel and see the world, but I guess my situation came out of the blue where I didn't have time to think. One day I li...
Well done Wendy!!

I know its not easy standing up there, but you did it and I bet you were brilliant! Look forward to reading the speech.

Take care
Maryann x