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<t>Hi EG<br/> <br/> My Mum takes 150mg Amitripyline daily. Mum is prescribed It for depression, in the early days Mum would of got a dry mouth, but no other side effects. I would suggest speaking to your Dads doctor as you say its trial and error. I remember we had to try a few different ones at fir...
<t>Hello Jon<br/> <br/> Welcome to the forum.<br/> <br/> I'm sorry to hear your awful situation, but like the others I'm not too sure what your rights are, but surely being her legal guardian you have rights to know where she is and that she is being cared for properly. You must be at your wits end....
<t>Hello Catwit<br/> <br/> Glad to hear that you got Direct Payments started and I'm sure that you will find this suits you and your Mum much better once you have it all sorted out.<br/> <br/> The link Matt gives is a great place for information when starting out with Direct Payments, In my case it ...
<t>Yes Rosemary I agree, I also see myself firstly as a daughter and secondly a Carer. Even know I realise I am a Carer for my Mum I always want my Mum to see me as her daughter and don't like being referred to as her Carer before being her daughter. I guess this is why alot of people don't like to ...
<t>Hello Irene<br/> <br/> Thanks for your reply.<br/> <br/> I know it must be hard finding Carers for your commitee/branch, but I guess with Carers commitments its difficult to spare the time. I feel passionately about finding hidden Carers to help them to realise they are Carers and that support is...

Thanks for the contacts I might just try and see if they can help - though I'm looking for actual Carers. You help is much appriecated.

Take care
M x
Hello Pasal

Sorry to hear after you made the journey you were dreading that you ended up at hospital with your Grandson! Always the way, but I'm sure that your Son was pleased that you were there. I hope that your Grandson is ok.

Take care
M x
<t>Hello Ange & John<br/> <br/> Welcome to the forum!<br/> <br/> Sorry I never got to see your picture, but if you want to display it with your posts you could download as you avatar in your profile - I think this is allowed!<br/> <br/> Hope that you find the forum and site helpful and supportiv...

This is my Mums favourite. I have it framed in her room.

Thank you for putting it up - Its so comforting!

Take care
M x

P.S. Thanks for the lovely card x
<t>Hello Irene<br/> <br/> I was wondering how you manage to find Carers in Belfast? <br/> <br/> At the moment I'm trying to find Carers aged between 18-25 in the UK, this seems to be the age group that are forgotten! I'm remember when I was that age myself I didn't see myself as a Carer and wanted t...