this is present take or pass not either or

I would take the shower gel

Tickets to Glastonbury

Birthday Party or Celebrating Your Birthday Alone
Rhythm Of The Rain- The Cascades
Spending time with my pets always makes me happy because they are so loving and great companions for me

I am attending a local weight watchers meeting to help me lose weight. The leader of my meeting and the other members are all very supportive of me. I have been attending since the end of February and have so far lost 23 lbs.

I feel that losing the weight will make my caring role easier.



Watching TV or listening to the radio
<t>I agree that being a carer can be stressful. I know this because my father who I care for can be really stubborn which stresses me out a bit. <br/> <br/> I like using the forum because it helps to get rid of the social isolation associated with being a carer. <br/> <br/> I also attend a support g...


Summer Rain Belinda Carlisle



Tea or coffee