I once met Phil Taylor at a fundraising event that my father was organising for a department for children with special needs at the local infant school which has since closed and merged with the junior school next door. I have also sang with Richard Stark when he came and performed in the town I liv...
Rock Your Baby George Mcrae
My hobbies include
  • Playing Darts and Pool, Singing , Reading, Swimming, Going To The Theatre/Cinema When Funds Allow, Dancing and Listening To Music
I think that the programme is four friends in the north
Welcome to the forum Chris.

Caring can be a socially isolating experience if you don't have contact with other carers.

I hope that the forum will help you not to feel alone.

A lifetime supply of chocolate

Budgie or Parrot
Yes I have been watching it and find what they do really impressive
Slave To Love - Bryan Ferry

A Spa Day