I care for my father as well. I also have a part time paid job as a care assistant. In addition to this I have 4 voluntary jobs and my 3 pets to look after at home. I rarely have time for myself but when I do I like to go to karaoke nights in my local area and it is always great fun to have the chan...
You are right number 3 is the lie
My Turn

1) I once sang with Richard Stark
2) I am part Dutch
3) I have met Petula Clark
I reckon number 1 is the lie
That is really sad R.I.P Errol

Love your song You Sexy Thing
What do you call a woman playing pool with a pint on her head?

Beer Tricks Potter
I guess number 2 is the lie
7 Walking On Sunshine Katrina and the Waves
Angel- Sarah Mclachlan
The answer to my riddle is that when the guard wasn't there she crossed towards Switzerland. When the guard appeared she turned around and crossed towards Germany. The guard then thought she was travelling towards Germany from the Swiss side without papers and sent her back to Switzerland.