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Much as I would like to read this book Rosemary.It costs £20 and an unrealistic price for a full time carer. You would think we could have a big discount on it if they really want us to read it and get our opinions.

Thought you might like to know my daughter's social worker and community nurse are going to discuss daycare at a new complex that has recently opened not far from where we live.The place looks really nice and the staff seem competent,and well trained,so have my fingers crossed. will let you know th...
<t>Have a look at the second answer he gave me Daisy. Was my daughter a CHILD or adult ..and the question was about Early age dementia and Learning disabilities. Is he under the impression children get dementia?<br/> The transcript has been edited...I stated that my question hadnt been answered (cor...
Thank you for taking the time and trouble of finding that for me Matt.I do appreciate it.
His remarks sound as though he is talking about me!!!! Now when will the practical help side appear? (Just saying that to myself.!)!b][/b]
<t>hi Rosemary it was really nice to see you in hosted chat last night.<br/> I know it wasnt anything to do with the hosted chat. I was responding to a remark made by vicky saying..<br/> <br/> We also had a rundown of what dementia is and that appeared to be that. <br/> Vicky<br/> <br/> I wanted to ...
Matt. Can you put up a link to say what was said about Dementia?
It isnt mentioned on the previous link. (or if it is..apologies but I must have missed it.)
Am very interested in what was said!!
Thank you for your response Parsival. I thought that too, but thought I was missing something significant!! I havnt a clue who to contact or what to do now, but will send the response to my MP who hopefully will follow it up.
Any other ideas will be gratefully recieved!!

<t>Have read the response a number of times,but cant see anything positive in the answers that will help me 'now' '. Sounds as if I should see some practical improvement over the next three years? Am not happy at all about the latest suggestion from our SS service suggesting my daughter goes to ANOT...
<t>Update on Early age dementia and L/D<br/> <br/> Think there is light at the end of the tunnel!! I have interpreted a message from Maj's social worker,and think it says she will be offered a one to one. They just have to find a suitable base!! Will update you as I hear more.<br/> Have had a very g...
Hi again Rachel. Wondered whether a sign /picture on his door might send him to the right room after visiting the the loo??