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Hope you are having a great day Sarah! x
Hi Dean...welcome aboard. There are plenty of people here to offer support, I´m sure it is an extremely difficult time for you all. Take care...B.
Hello Karin....there is always someone on here to talk with.... and all are very good listeners. welcome aboard.
My 87 year old neighbour has her cousin staying with her for a while. The cousin has found out today that I have shingles, and has offered to do any shopping if I need her to. http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_smile.gif Hi there Lazydaisy - I too had shingles diagnosed last year, very painful. I ...
Hi there Jamie...nice to meet you. My Mum has COPD too amongst other things! I´m sure you will find this forum a great source of encouragement, I certainly have found it wonderful since I joined just a week or so ago.
I remember someone telling me years ago...."It´s nice to be important, but more important to be nice"....never forgot it either.
I put fish fingers in my toaster...in those JML bags....lovely!
<t>You should see the number of abandoned walking sticks, frames and wheelchairs in Alicante airport! Seriously, I have heard a few people over here boasting about their benefits they receive and then watch them climb ladders, carry gas bottles etc etc.. they seem to think it is wonderful that they ...
<t>My daughter tells me that in Weston super Mare loads of shops are closing...people going to the new shops in Bristol. When I was living in Weston not that long ago there were so many charity shops that they have coach trips to the town! My guess is even more will open up now that Adams, The Works...
Hi there Chrissie....welcome.