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Hello Cameron...welcome to the forum, I hope you get as much out of it as I do...its a wonderful place to dip in and out of and they are all a wonderful crowd of people. Enjoy! Bell x
<t>Hi there Badmark. Have to admit that in the past I worked in the NHS and loved it! I worked hours that you wouldn´t believe, what I couldn´t get through at work I did at home. I was on-call nights and over the weekend more often that I can remember (for which I didn´t get paid) and becau...
Hi Saf...welcome to the forum. x Bell x
Hello Ace...well chosen name by the way! Welcome to the forum, I´m sure you will find it a great comfort and a wonderful family to be part of. x Bell x
Hello Claire...welcome aboard. My mum also has Copd amongst a list of other conditions. I´m sure you will find this forum really useful and a great support....they are all a wonderful lot. x Bell x
Hi Blossom, sorry to hear about the horrendous situation you and your family are in. There really are some sad individuals in this world. Seems like Lowrider has lots of experience too that may be able to help you. Good luck and keep us posted how you get on. x Bell x
Welcome Penquin...and hello to Shandy too....looks like the gang have already given you some sound advice....hope things improve. x Bell x
Hello Imp, only just caught up with your post. Welcome! x Bell x
<t>Hello LJ, Welcome aboard. They are a great bunch here and I know you will find their friendship a real bonus - don´t worry about ranting on, firstly its the best way to get things off your chest and secondly, you´re talking to the expert ranter here...I can type for England! Its a really to...
<t>Well done Chrissy. Back in 2002 I blew the whistle and the papers had a field day with me as the hospital put some real bad and untrue things in the press about me. It took 3 years for the truth to come out and for me to clear my name and be able to hold my head high once more. I know exactly how...