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<t>Hi Dawn, welcome to the forum. Seems as though things are certainly all getting very difficult and you certainly do need to have some help and respite - you are human and if you carry on in this way you will be poorly yourself too. Please talk to your GP, you need someone on "your side" that can ...
<t>Hello Amy, good to hear from you again! I'm sorry that your Mum was poorly for a while with the pneumonia but it seems that the situation has improved for you both. Good that Mum seems to have settled well and she will receive the full time care that she needs. <br/> <br/> I'm sure life feels ver...
<t>Hi Drew, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry that things have become so difficult lately for you both. Caring isn't always easy and when you are trying to hold down a job too it is doubly so. <br/> <br/> We may not have all the answers but often members have experienced similar situations and can off...
<t>Hi Kim...I was very sad to read your post. It all obviously came from the heart and it seems that you have been battling so hard for so long. I find it incredible that the school could put both of you in this position and can only hope that this request was done with medical supervision. Do they ...
warm welcome from me too David.

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second episode in the series just starting on BBC 2

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<t>Welcome from me too Tubby.<br/> <br/> I can't of course say I know how you feel because I have not been in the same situation. I wonder though if it is similar to when many of us have become the carer of our parents? To me, that also felt like a role reversal....gone were the days when I could tu...
Hello! Warm welcome from me too!

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Koala - so very upsetting. hugs

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Hi Michael - welcome to the forum!

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