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Carolina....approval is required prior to posting such requests. I have brought your post to the attention of admin who will be in contact or advice in due course. By the way, interesting subject - one of former carees was my late mother who lived in the UK whilst I lived in Spain (caring for my aun...
Corinne - I am sorry that I am unable to offer any suggestions but I m sure other members will be able to offer you some suggestions.

Roy ....warm welcome to the forum from me too!

Bell x
Good on 'ya Rob!

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I love a bright sky but I'm not too keen on the ball of fire that never seems to leave here! I also often wonder why I live in Spain!!!!

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Jenny, just under the purple banner on the index page you will see a line that says "unanswered posts", "unread posts" etc. This may be what you are looking for?

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<t>Allan...thank you so much for sharing this article. You have spoken for so many of us that have been in a similar position and continue to experience similar treatment day after day with the "professionals". I would also be interested in reading or having details of Neglected Voices that I believ...
Seeing Tony walk around the flat a little - he has really hurt his leg and the past couple of weeks have been very difficult trying to look after him and the three dogs. At last I think there is a light at the tunnel but still a way to go.....

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<t>Morning Adrian and a warm welcome to the forum! You certainly have your hands full and it's no wonder you want to vent your feelings. Please feel free to do that here...I have no doubt that we have all felt the same at some point. Caring isn't easy and there are times when we just need to have a ...
<t>Hello Victoria...welcome to the forum. As you can see there is plenty of support here for you and your feelings are very common, for want of a better word. I struggle still with my feelings after Dad passed away in 2007 and Mum in 2009. Could I have done more? Possibly but the decisions I made at...
seeing our grandson Jacob this morning - it is his third birthday! Unfortunately internet connection was poor but a glimpse of that little face has made my day!

Bell x