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hi Marianne, sorry to read that your husband is suffering from depression on top of everything else. When I was caring for Mum who had COPD she struggled day by day with all the problems she had but it was the depression that she had (and is quite common with copd sufferers) that I found the most di...

Bell x

Norm - you are getting these Purple angels everywhere! You should be so very proud.

Hugs to you and your very own angel too.

Bell x
Seems that the UK are coming in line with much of Europe? Here in Spain we do not have tax discs but we do have the equivalent to MOT stickers which have to be placed on the windscreen. All documents have to be carried inside the vehicle at all times even down to the proof that the insurance has bee...
Warm welcome from me too!

Bell x
Hello weemags. good to hear from you but sorry to hear how this horrible disease has taken hold over your husband. I do remember how difficult the end stage was for my Mum and how helpless I felt at times. This forum gave me tremendous support then as it will you too. Please pop in whenever you can....
https://www.gov.uk/become-appointee-for ... g-benefits

Kaycee....have a look at this, it may help?

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hi there Big Bear....I agree with Susie, it is sometimes nice to do something, especially on the first anniversary. perhaps even a meal with a friend to that little cafe you both used to go to? Time does pass so quickly and yet I know how in the middle of the night when our thoughts are often everyw...
Warm welcome to you from me too! Glad you found us and I am sure you will enjoy - please have a look at the site and join in where and when you feel you would like.

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Absolutely right! Warm welcome aboard - have a look around the site and join in on the forum as and when/where you want.

Bell x