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Just read an interesting question on a local expat forum and thought I would ask it here! The Internet, do you believe it has changed the way you live to any great extent? Do you think you would say the same things that you write to someone face to face? Do you believe that as you age you will be le...
Hi Ann,

Welcome to the forum!

Bell x
Hello Hank - warm and sunny welcome to the forum from me too.

Bell x
Hi Michelle, better late than ever sorry as only just read your post! Welcome to the forum. You certainly have had a gret deal to cope with over the years and I'm sure the grandchildren brighten your days. I only have the one and unfortunately he is back in the UK but I love to chatter with him. Ple...
Taking this back to the original poster, I just wanted to welcome Lorinda to the forum. good to have you with us!

Bell x
Hi Peter and Anne...just wanted to offer a warm welcome from me too! Looks like others have given you lots to think about! Please have a look around the forum and join in where and when you want....enjoy! One thing that I will say, please never feel guilty if you decide to "take a small step back" a...
Hi Eun, horrible start to the new year but at least now young Rob seems to be getting some decent care. Makes me so mad that it is always such a battle for you all. Hope things continue to improve and you and Rob snr are able to get some rest too.

Bell x
Hi Tracey .. Certainly not easy for you and some have already given good and useful advice. I am now an ex carer having cared for my Mum with COPD and Osteoperosis amongs other medical conditions. I would certainly look at getting a wheelchair. Perhaps speaking with your GP as renting long term coul...
Happy Christmas to you too Amandah

Bell x
We will most certainly be thinking of you all Eun. Take care and hope the meeting goes well on Monday so you can agree on everything you need to be in place before and after surgery.

Take good care,

Bell x