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Carers UK Forum - Search
Carers in the uk.

That's a lot. Don't ask me for percentages.

I can count three other carers in my immediate neighbourhood. There is nothing specialised about where I live.

Food for thought. Image
Tony, i do not know why it is so hard by which I mean there is no answer. We do what we do because we want the best for our loved ones. And this sense of responsibility overwhelms us at times and frustrates us. On top of that the services and help for our carees are seldom handed to us on a plate. P...
My pseudonym?

It is what I want on my tombstone, of course.
Rolling on floor laughing.......

Pity you posted its website really.... Have you not heard of Internet security ... or did you post for fun?

Poor Irene, you really are your own worst enemy. Sad.
And as a quick addition before I slob out and watch Downton Abbey ...... What an interesting internet trail for this club.

The dangers of the Internet huh?
And yes Charles, I think we are all agreed there is no sensitive way to tell a man his wife is unwelcome. And probably no legal way either.

From the opening post this looked like a case of asking the wrong question. In the wrong forum.
Okay, but membership and attendance rights are not identical. We actually do not know whether the poor lady is a member of the society or not. Is she attending as a paid-up member, or as the guest of a member? My impression was the latter, but we do not know. It makes quite a difference ideological...
Em, scuse me butting in but .... My problem is those people who tell me I must be a saint Image

Chuck me a halo please?!!?

And yes, I know they probably mean well..... But???
<t>Communication. Personally, I always find Sajehars responses refreshingly frank, full of clarity and easy to comprehend. I feel I know where I am with Sajehar and that I am not stepping in treacle.<br/> <br/> In fact I think you, Irene, have been very lucky to have every single one of these respon...
<t>According to the published rules of this society this Committee of Nine people may admit any person to membership and may suspend or remove any person from membership.<br/> <br/> The rules do not state how the committee are obliged to reach decisions. Majority vote or total agreement? <br/> <br/>...