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My son is currently doing his senior year at school and is looking for part time work at the weekends. Anyone know of a good web site to look? He's almost 17.
I have a feeling that your engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent Eun. Some people would be out of their depth in a car park puddle Image
<t>I purchased my mothers council house in 2004, The deeds were changed into my name in 2008. There is no mortgage on the property. My mother came to live with me last year. I am self employed and recieve working families tax credit. If I were to rent out my mums old house would this affect my WFTC?...
The Green Green Grass of Home - Tom Jones
<t>Hmm, oh dear Kayleigh, you sure have a major decision to make. I have read all of your previous posts during your pregnancy and I can honestly say from an outsider looking in that the best thing for you and your children would be to be on your own with them. It sounds like your husband is using e...
Housework Overload Becoming Increasingly Tedious Image

"I'm always happy when I've got a needle in my hand" I also enjoy gardening, restricted these days to growing things in pots or hanging baskets ! Bowlingbun, I'm the same, I love sewing. My mother who will be 90 this month was one of the first female tailors in Scotland, in her days men were tailor...
<t>Hello, so sorry that you have been let down by the services that are supposed to be there to help you. It sounds like after 3 and a half years you are reaching the end of your tether. <br/> I understand you that you feel isolated and unsupported, no wonder! Please know that although no one is goi...